51 Jefferson Avenue

51 Jefferson AvenueFirst surveyed as a portion of Montgomery Township as designated on the first survey of Congress Lands made in May 1799 by John Mathews and Ebenezer Buckingham, United States Surveyors.


Sold by the US government authorized by Thomas Jefferson, President, to Seth Harding of New London, Conn. Feb. 20, 1802 in accordance with a Feb. 18, 1801 act of Congress offering grants of land to "refugees from the British Provinces of Canada and Nova Scotia", attested by James Madison, Secretary of State.


A complete list of transfers is available; highlights include:


Sold by Seth Harding to Bela Badger of Bucks County, Penn. Feb. 16, 1803 for $300.


Sold by William Bambrough to The State of Ohio March 19, 1845 for use as grounds for Ohio's Lunatic Asylum for $200.


Sold by the State of Ohio authorized by Rutherford B. Hayes, Governor, to William S. Sullivant May 2, 1870 for $200,500.


Sold by William S. Sullivant to A.D. Rodgers July 27, 1870 for $1.


Leased by Reuben A. Sawyier to J.O. Johnston from April 1, 1896 to April 1, 1899 for $65.00 per month


Property sezied by Wheeler J. Young, Sheriff of Franklin County, for failure on the part of Reuben Sawyier to make mortgage payments. Returned to mortgage company, The Michigan Mutual Life Insurance Company, on Dec. 2, 1896


Sold by Michigan Mutual Life Insurance Company to John O. Johnston Jan 9, 1897 for $9,000.


Sold by Raymond H. Sharppe to the Jefferson Center for Learning and the Arts Oct. 22, 1973

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