A Remarkable Collection of Organizations

Many of the buildings have public spaces that draw visitors.  There are two art galleries on the block, a reading garden, and the Thurber Museum House.  The JCLA maintains these buildings and funds the capital improvements to promote efficiency, to protect the fabric of the buildings, and to prevent the types of failures which occur predictably within the life of a much used historic property.


We provide shared conference space and office equipment, block-wide events, picnic tables for summer lunches, and public gallery spaces that foster collegial relationships amongst our tenants. As importantly, when nonprofits can save money on overhead costs, they have more to allocate to the programs and services that directly impact individuals and local communities, increasing direct program and service delivery. 


The current tenants are busy dealing with both today and tomorrow. They include a literary center that teaches children to write; an international house with six organizations working on international programming and global issues; agencies whose mission it is to protect children and/or assist battered women; small performing groups; historical organizations; and a museum.

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